About Us


FlexSalary is a branded loan product of Vivifi India Finance Private Limited, a non-banking finance company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)*.

Vivifi India Finance Pvt Ltd was registered on July 9, 2016 to address the lack of lending products for India's large & ever-growing deserving but underserved consumers. Vivifi was set-up with the primary objective of doing business as a non-banking finance company (NBFC) in unsecured retail consumer lending segment and has obtained the Certificate of Registration as an NBFC-non-deposit taking Loan Company on March 31, 2017.

Founded by technocrats and career bankers having a collective experience of over 75 years in secured & unsecured retail lending, Vivifi deals with customers across the credit spectrum. The dream is to offer a variety of convenient, easily-accessible financial and loan services in a safe, efficient and professional environment to all desiring customers without any prejudices or biases based only on the customer's ability to repay.

The company operates a personal line of credit under the brand FlexSalary and proposes to offer personal loans under the brand LoanGranted.

The core of all operations is driven by Vivifi's proprietary state-of-the-art AI driven loan management system LENDEZ.AI.

Our Team

A quick brief of the people who make this happen.

The founders have experience in short-term, long-term, unsecured & secured loans to salaried & self-employed individuals. The founders had previously established highly sought-after loan products leveraging their collective expertise in Data Analytics, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Reporting, Digital Marketing and financial technology development using a variety of web technologies available. A quick bio of each of our founders follows.

Anil Pinapala

Anil Pinapala, Chief Executive Officer [ceo@vivifin.com]

Anil brings with him years of rich and diverse experience in new product conceptualization & delivery, portfolio performance management and business intelligence.

Prior to creating Vivifi, Anil has been a serial entrepreneur always working in the FinTech industry across North America & India. He architected USA's largest selling automated loan management software offered in a "Software-as-a-Service" model starting in the year 2002. After having achieved over 45% of the market share in the North American market, Anil moved on to create TekFriday Solutions Inc in 2013, which offered Portfolio Management services.

Srinath Kompella

Srinath Kompella, Chief Operations Officer [coo@vivifin.com]

Srinath co-founded Vivifi and heads operations at Vivifi. With over 15 years of rich experience in analytics, process improvement and operations, he believes customer satisfaction to be the key metric of every supporting process. Prior to Vivifi, he was the head of operations at public & private companies in India.

Patrick Kishore

Patrick Kishore, Chairman [chairman@vivifin.com]

A banking veteran, Patrick Kishore worked for 37 years as a full-time employee of State Bank of India in various capacities managing credit policies & banking technologies before retiring as the Chief Information Security Officer of SBI group. He later served as the Chief Operating Officer of IDRBT to manage the operations of NEFT & RTGS platforms before joining Vivifi.